The Tsi:karistisere/Dundee Claim

I Am Voting

How To Vote

Door-to-Door Online Voting

Door-to-Door Online Voting will take place in each district of Akwesasne, including the southern portion of Akwesasne; on the dates specified in the Referendum Resolution which are October 1st 2018 till December 7th at 5pm.
During this time a Community Educator will be available to offer a brief history on the Tsi:karistisere/Dundee Land Specific Claim and a Referendum Officer will be available to aid in the voting process using a internet enabled tablet.

Polling Stations

Polling Stations will be opened in each district and on the southern portion of Akwesasne during the Referendum Voting Period. These stations will be open from 9-5 on December 8th, 2018.for a shorter period of time (compared to online voting). The polling stations will require you to bring a Government issued ID, such as: a status card, drivers license, passport or tribal ID. to confirm your name and date of birth prior to casting your vote.

Voter Eligibility

All members of the Mohawks of Akwesasne who are the age of majority (18 years old) on or before the referendum date are eligible to vote, regardless of residency. To check if you are eligible to vote, please contact Carol Lafrance at the Office of Vital Statistics 613-938-8629,ext. 1011

Key Events & Activities

ARRO and One Feather will be working diligently to bring a variety of events to the community. Events to look out for include: focus groups, luncheons, sponsored bingo nights, and pop up information booths at many of the major events happening around Akwesasne. ARRO and OneFeather will also be available to community members to schedule private family learning sessions.

Subscribe to our community mailer below that will post updates on meeting sessions, focus groups, and other fun activities happening. Keep an eye on the MCA and ARRO Facebook and twitter pages for times and locations of events in your district.

If you wish to have us attend your event, please visit the "Contact Us" page or call the ARRO offices at 613 575 2348 Ext. 2209

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Decision Time

Upon finalization of the referendum details, we will be updating this space with the locations and times of the polling stations. Also, keep an eye on this page to find out when a community educator will be in your neighborhood. Community Educators will be going door-to-door to ensure that all Akwesasronon will be fully informed on the referendum, voting process, and brief history of Tsi:karistisere/Dundee Specific Claim. OneFeather Community Educators, or ARRO, may be contacted directly to request a private family learning session.

How To Get More Info

Attend Community Information Sessions

If you visit the MCA-ARRO Facebook page, or the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Facebook page you can see all the community sessions at any time. The next information sessions are to be held:

Thursday, August 23rd - Kawehno:ke Rec 6pm-8pm
Monday August 27th- Kanatakon Rec 7:30pm (after the district meeting)
Thursday August 30th- Kawehnoke Rec. update during General Meeting 6pm-8pm

Request Your Own Information Session

We know that life can get in the way sometimes, we understand that as humans we can be forgetful. Allow us to help you by bringing the Information to your front door. Visit the Contact Us page to request a time and meeting date for your personalized information session. We request that groups be smaller than 20.

Community Educators

The Community Engagement Specialists are willing and eager to hear from Akwesasronon, and ready to set up private informational sessions. Having a family BBQ? We can be there- and bring a side! We are able to attend any event or meeting you’d like, in order to get you and your family up to speed on the Tsi:karistisere/Dundee Specific Claim. Please visit the Contact Us page to email your preferred dates, and we will contact you to confirm.

Contact Us

How To Provide Your Input

We want to hear from you!

Submit your family histories, photos, concerns, or questions; share stories of past and present, or what you hope to see in the future of this Specific Claim by following the steps on this click through link.

We are also interested in your photos of the Dundee land. If you choose to provide us with your photos, please provide information as to approximate year (that the photo was taken), a rough description of what the photo is showing, and who you are (in relation to the photo, to give credit to those who choose to preserve and share our history).

Our goal is to amass as much verbal history as possible, and preserve it here at MCA-ARRO.CA

We cannot wait to hear from you!

Provide Your Input