The Tsi:karistisere/Dundee Land Claim

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A Brief History and Background on the Tsi:karistisere/Dundee Land Claim

Where is Tsi:karistisere/Dundee?

Tsi:karistisere: The Kanienke:ha name for "the place where they drag the iron chains," referring to the survey chains used to determine the US/Canada border boundaries in the early 1800s. It has come to be known as the Township of Dundee. The territory consists of approximately 20,000 acres in the most westerly portion of Quebec. Historically, it was always a part of Akwesasne traditional territory.


From the early 1800s, the Dundee lands has been leased out to non-Mohawk settlers. Some of the leases were made directly by the Akwesasne Chiefs, while others were made with the involvement of the Crown. None of the leases were preceded by a surrender for lease of the lands by the Mohawks. Administration of the leases and collection of the rent over the ensuing years was irregular...

Present Status

What's Happening Now?


The MCA's claim was partially accepted for negotiation in 1988 on the basis of inadequate compensation resulting from the 1888 surrender, but these negotiations broke down in the mid 1990s. The MCA subsequently revised its allegations in the context of evolving case law and submitted additional research. In response to this development, Canada conducted a legal review of the revised submission and new evidence. In the negotiations to be undertaken now between Canada and MCA, the parties will be seeking to resolve outstanding issues with respect to the alleged invalid surrender, the alleged inadequate compensation and alleged invalid leases.